Educational Recruitment agencies have come under fire in recent years for charging high fees to schools, many of whom are already struggling financially, and are often left with no choice but to use agencies in light of a growing recruitment and retention crisis. In response to this, the DFE have put together a list of preferred agencies who:

  • help schools get value for money

  • set standard practice for safeguarding checks

  • set standard practice for agency fees

The agencies that have signed up to be part of this deal have agreed to:

  • complete thorough checks on all their workers

  • be open about their rates – showing the mark-up they charge

  • give schools the opportunity to avoid paying temp-to-perm fees

  • always tell you that they’re part of the deal

  • offer the terms they agreed as part of the deal first.

Unfortunately, TeachLearn Recruitment only came into existence after the tendering process for the DFE deal had closed, meaning we are not listed as part of this service. However, we are committed to helping schools achieve value for money by promising that:

  • We are open about our rates. If in doubt, please ask

  • We ensure all our workers are fully checked, to ensure all safeguarding protocols are satisfied

  • We do not charge temp-to-perm fees after 16 weeks - this is a promise

  • We are willing always to work will schools to prevent temp-to-perm fees in other circumstances.

TeachLearn Recruitment is led by two experienced, practicing, school leaders. We recognise the damage that extortionate fees can do to the learning of students. Teaching and learning comes first in every decision we make, and so we will always work with schools to help you achieve value for money.