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Secondary education

Working in secondary schools presents an opportunity like no other. What greater privilege than inspiring our next generation of leaders. We don’t mind what your subject specialism is, we want outstanding, passionate professionals ready to inspire students to the next step in their educational journey.

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Primary education

Interested in the opportunity to shape, nurture and support young minds? What a contribution you could make to the life chances of a young person. Why not get in touch with us today, and share with us your commitment to education, whilst we help you take the next steps in this most fulfilling educational role.

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school support staff

Support staff are the foundation on which successful schools are built. Data managers, administrative staff, exam invigilators, lunch time supervisors… the list goes on. Interested in the next step in your career? Get in touch with us today. TeachLearn is led by two practicing school leaders, who recognise the value you have in a school.