Withour doubt, having the best teachers in front of students has the biggest impact on learning. The entire ethos of TeachLearn recruitment is to ensure the highest possible standards in the classroom and we will work with you to ensure a placement that gives the best possible chance of high outcomes for young people. 

TeachLearn is led by two experienced school-leaders, who will help you put together your application, covering letters, and support you through any interview process. We want to talk through your aims, ambitions, and aspirations, and help you make the right choices and work in the right schools. 

After our initial call, we'll organise an informal meeting, where we can sit down, have a coffee, and talk about your role(s) in teaching and your vision for the best possible learning for young people. We will then move to a more formal application process, and explore what type of placements will suit you. 

Whilst working, we'll be in regular contact to find out how it is going, and offering further support if needed. Our feedback is constructive and we'll seek to equip you with the best CPD that meets your needs. In recognition of your skill and talent, we pride ourselves on offering competitive salaries that often exceed other recruitment agencies which include full holiday pay and pension contributions.

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